Welcome! On this site you will find events, activities and training links of this planetary service organization.  Our goal is to provide tools for personal and community transformation. Follow the links to each site to find specific modalities of service.

The Center for Planetary Awakening is organized to meet the needs of an ascending humanity and earth. It does this through providing:

Events which amplify the human energy field and dissolve the veils between kingdoms of consciousness usually not perceived, i.e., elemental, angelic, multidimensional, and extraterrestrial realms. In this way participants become aware of their expanded nature, purpose and true place in the cosmos

Interdimensional Gridwork which balances and stabilizes the earth

Retreats which open Stargates and portals allowing more light / information into the earth dimension

Sound Healing experiences which amplify, balance and transform the human energy system

Educational programs focusing on keys for elevating one’s vibrational quotient and understanding

Global Light Centers which hold a high vibrational frequency at key points on the earth

All of this is accomplished through meditation and visioning sessions, short (2 hour) and longer (1 – 10 day) programs which accomplish these objectives. Those drawn to this work understand they are in this incarnation to aid in the shift of consciousness and to assist the birth of a new way of being on the earth.


The Center for Planetary Awakening was formed in early 2010The founders serve as visionholder and gatekeeper in support of mission delivery.  The founders are joined by a Council, individuals who are aligned with the mission. They provide direction as a harmonized body as facilitated by the visionholder.

The Founders 
Carol Fitzpatrick is the vision holder for the Center’s global project and mentors other visionaries in support of building sustainable oneness in their communities.   Mark Torgeson serves at the gatekeeper for all activities associated with the mission delivery. He is a healer, musician and composer who conducts sound healing immersion experiences and concerts with the intention of shifting and transforming consciousness.

The Council
The 32 Centers Mission is guided by the founders and a Council, individuals who have identified this vision and mission as their soul’s calling and life’s work.  For more about the Council, click here.



OnenessOfBeing.org        Transformational practices and tools for living from the heart for anchoring light onto the planet.

PlanetaryAwakening.org      Gain Access to a growing body of Resources for Sustaingin Oneness as a way of life.

CaroLynnFitzpatrick.com        Carol’s website including mentoring, guidance and soul coaching

MarkTorgeson.com        Mark’s Music of Transformation site, with performance, video and information about his music.

LivingTheMiracleSummit.com       Learn from these remarkable heart-centered women from across the fields of personal transformation, health and wellness, education and how to sustain oneness as a way of life.

32Centers.org        Embodying Purity of Heart for building new paradigm community

32 Centers Alliance – Community portal

HealingSoundImmersion.com        Sound Healing Immersion experiences, events and training

TheMusicAlchemist.com        Using intentionally created music to raise your vibration

Carol Fitzpatrick YouTube        Carol’s YouTube Channel

Mark Torgeson YouTube        Mark’s YouTube Channel

Light Streamings        Carol’s WordPress blog: transformational practices for embracing heart-centered consciousness

GetMeGlobal.com        Audio and Video recording for expanding consciousness

SustainableOnenessStore.com        Books, CD’s, events and private sessions


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