The Council

The Council and Our Core Values

The Council is a body of souls, individuals, who have identified this global mission as their calling. The reason why they have incarnated at this time is to uphold a core frequency and anchor it into the earth plane of consciousness, specific to our global vision and mission.
Our purpose
All souls have a purpose and have incarnated to learn, to learn to love more compassionately, freely, openly and to show up in life as they truly are—as embodied manifestations of God’s love and grace.Individuals who have self selected to serve this way feel this mission to be the very reason why they have incarnated at this time. The Council’s role is to align with the purity of heart that is common to all beings everywhere, to honor ourselves and all others by allowing Love to permeate all that we are and all that we are called to do.Each Council member has each made a commitment to amplify a quality that we have come to call purity of heart. It is a core frequency that cannot be fully described in words but can felt as an ultimate sense of “home.”Our work is—first and foremost—to embody seven Core Values, qualities that best describe that feeling of home when are are in that space of purity of heart. The embodiment serves also to build a unified field of resonance. The field is formed when we are aligned in this source frequency, and as we set our intention to not only stay aligned within purity of hear, we are creating a dynamic energetic container for all that we are and all the we are called to manifest.

Unity consciousness or 3rd, 4th or 5th, etc dimensions are not terms that we use to describe this container. Individual alignment with the core frequency, or core, is how we sense or make choice when an opportunity presents itself. Before any choice is made by the Council, we drop into the stillness of our hearts and feel whether we sense an alignment or not. We find ourselves saying that any opportunity, or situation that presents itself to us feels in alignment, or Not.

We don’t go much further than Yes or No. We practice radical trust of our inner voices to tell us or show us the truth of the alignment and we are quick to make a different choice in the very moment that we do not feel the alignment.  Or we question the alignment as we move deeper and deeper into the partnership building process or project development.

Our task, as a Council, is to make right-aligned choices for moving the project forward, choices that  ultimately anchor the core frequency that we embody into all that we are and all that we are called to do.

In fact, this is a pretty fail safe process of choice-making. If we make a mis-aligned choice, one that is rooted in ego or contains distortion, a partnership with someone who is not practicing full transparency, or an organization that lacks integrity, we have learned over time that the whole creation quickly falls apart. As we stay in alignment with the frequency, and vision the way ahead by deeply listening to our individual guidance, we find that the higher vibrational way is revealed to us, one step at a time. This requires radical trust on the part of each member of the Council. First and foremost, to trust the higher self, and then to speak that truth to the others.

The Individual: All Voices Honored
Each individual Council member is valued and recognized as essential to maintain that strong alignment with our core. If the container is to remain strong with the ability to propel or absorb distortion caused by any disturbance in the field, then it is the individual responsibility of each Council member to embody the seven core values and honor our code of conduct.

We have had a lot of practice with distortion or disturbances caused by individuals getting out of balance or not practicing discernment, so we have come so understand what it feels like when any one part of the Council, as a collective body is out of balance or when there is a disturbance in the field, or one aspect of our project is in need of support. The practice of discernment was and continues to be invaluable and has created a high level, highly sensitive, and high functioning Council.

Trinities: When Two or More are Gathered
We also value and have been called to create, manage, vision and carry out the functions of the Council in Trinities. These are three individuals who are guided to come together to co-create some aspect of the project. Each assumes a specific role and contribution to the task at hand. Just like the role of the Council, Trinities, too, have an energetic component first and foremost, and are valued for their ability to harmonize their three voices before taking any step toward the goal.

How We are Guided / How We Make Choice
All that we do in Council, whether it is in the decisions that we make as a collective, in Trinity, or one of us being charged to go forth and do, its the active and deep listening that sets us apart from any corporate or organizational meeting that is managed from the top down. In short, our meetings are not marked with one person telling the rest what to do or where to go.

We employ a process called Star Mapping a kind of active listening and feeling for the frequency alignments as a facilitator, usually the visionholder. It’s a process where we vision the way ahead by deeply listening to the question posed then dropping into our heart space where we discover  impressions, words, visuals or metaphors as communicated to us by our higher selves and / or the Star Elders. The Star Elders are Intergalactic beings who serve as the over soul for humanity and are guiding us to anchor light in these key locations. We are also greatly assisted by the Angelic Realms of Light. These are the Arch Angels, the Elohim and Nature Spirits. These beings from the higher realms of light act to provide us with the 30,000 foot view of where we are to go, and what we are to do in any given moment. These higher consciousness beings are aware of the flux and flow of the earth grid and show us, tell us individually. Each individual anchors his or her impression into the container, and once all voices are heard, a collective mosaic is formed to show us our most immediate next step.

We work this way to to anchor in the highest possible outcome, and the secondary benefit is that the ego stays in check. As we stay fully centered in our hearts and practice deep listening, without the interference of the ego, we are able to see what is ours to do.

The Unified Field of Resonance
When adjoined in oneness this way, we are consciously aware of a field or grid. We have come to call this field our Core because it represents the collective vibration of all working in oneness for the ultimate fulfillment of our mission. Each of the Centers of Light in these various regions are maintained by the amplification by each group of souls how are self selected to amplify the core.

This individual alignment with the core and the amplification of the field as a collective is powerful and transformational in and of itself, but when we engage the field with pure intention—intention that aligns with the core of who we are, we consciously manifest those next steps with no attachment to outcome.

The amplification of the core inter-connects and is a part of a vast inter-dimensional star system. The affect on human consciousness, the earth eco-systems, the physical magnetic lei lines of the earth and the flow of consciousness that is created by the dynamic shifts in these multiple systems.

Because we know that we are so deeply inter-connected to our light brothers and sisters, we deeply listen to and honor the advise and direction of the intergalactic beings. Their guidance, as we discern the way ahead, requires each person to stay aligned with the core, and to practice transparency and show us as our most authentic self.

If we do step out of integrity, we are each honor bound to take notice and to re-align with the core. This takes great discernment and a responsibility not only to self but to the Council.  If a Council member is unable to do so for any reason, we have designed a process, a Code of Conduct to address the distortion and to help bring the person back into alignment. We recognize that we are all works in process, and sometimes, we just have to step out of the core and away from the Council to take care of our own healing process.

This allows for a fluid process where all are held in a very high space of love, honor and appreciation. Judgment of self and others has no place in the Council.

If you find this information resonating with you, all Council members are self selected.  Ask yourself this question, “Is this my mission also?” If so, you may be a future Council member or grid holder, or perhaps you are to serve as a part of the Centers Teams. Send us a message and tell us more about yourself. We’d love to connect.

Core Values

Our path of service is to entrain to unconditional love, which is felt as a deep sense of inner peace, gratitude and great joyousness as we work together in oneness.  It is our hearts’ desire to anchor these higher frequencies into the building of not only the holographic field but as physical community for the purpose of sustaining oneness as a new way of being.

Each member of the Council’s has pledged to uphold seven (7) core values that serve as the foundational harmonic for our ability to carry out our mission: Purity of Heart, Direct Knowing, Compassion, Honoring, Aligned Action, Allowing, and Humility. These values are further defined in the list below.

We also recognize that each of us are in a different place on the continuum of embodying these core values. Therefore, like trying to decipher the distinct differences in the colors of a rainbow, these values are fluid and offer us a continuum of learning. Therefore, we have also created a code of conduct to help us stay focused and grounded in Love.


Purity of Heart

Descriptive: Unconditional love, Openness/Trust, Acceptance, Self-love


  • Pure love without condition, with openness, trust, and acceptance; fully vulnerable, feeling safe and held by love. These qualities allow us to lead with our hearts.

  • The manifestation, the power of co-creation with the divine feminine. Being of pure heart allows us to access the regeneration and resurrection codes of our birthright; igniting the original DNA patterning of the soul. Aligning with the manifestation of our soul’s purpose here on earth.


Direct Knowing

Descriptive: Gnosis, Hidden knowledge, Internal, Universal, Clarity, Intuition, Allowing, Discernment, Presence, Revelation, Inspiration, Download, Mystical knowledge, Fluid

  • Witnessing quality of pure consciousness, seeing all that is happening around us for what it truly is without interpretation, projection, or distortion so that we may access our inner wisdom to the fullest extent possible.
  • A state of being, accessed through presence of our living experience, we invoke soul-level awareness. The lived direct experience of faith and trust in life and loyalty. Loyalty is choosing to be loyal to love in every moment.
  • Fluid Intelligence, clear, direct, instant.

  • Accessed by dropping into the stillness of the heart, and with impeccable discernment, we access soul-level awareness for guiding us through the maze of our lives.
  • A relationship that is vertical in nature. This alignment with the higher realms of light puts us in positions to openly see or sense our way into the earth consciousness grid lines, and  to communicate with non-physical beings that have no bounds to the earthen plane. We accept and embrace, with the highest level of discernment, the guidance we receive from our explorations of the inner planes and from engagement with these higher light beings that are here to help guide humanity to evolve.
  • As we discern the direct knowing that we receive, we connect to the deeper more universal wisdom than what is possible by relying on only the five senses. Our service is to model this new way of being in the world.


Descriptive: Acceptance, Appreciation, Gratitude, Lead w/ heart, Openness, Kindness Full presence experienced as loving kindness, appreciation, openness, and honoring of self and others.

  • Softened and opened fully, exposing the depths of our being, as we allow loving grace to permeate our core essence.  The act of holding sacred space for self and others in loving appreciation.  This requires immeasurable trust allied with a deep knowing that the purity of one’s heart is what is allowing divine will to work through us.  As we hold to the center of our core, we know that love heals and transforms. The holding of sacred space for another also requires us to be in a state of balanced heart and mind.



Descriptive: Communication,Transparency, Self-Care, Clarity, Respect, Deep listening, Openness    

  • The activation of new DNA codes in our energy systems requires us to oversee, organize, and take a variety of empowered actions.

  • The living of a balanced and harmonized life, which encompasses the establishment and maintenance of healthy boundaries.

  • Authenticity (taking off the masks and leading with our vulnerability) and practicing transparency. The clear, direct communication spoken with love and compassion, without distortion of the ego defending itself. Honoring self and others is our way of life.

  • The acceptance of full responsibility for all our life choices (every decision or action taken).

  • The embracing of the sanctity of the earth and all living things.

  • We respect and honor the wisdom and knowing of children and adolescents, as well as that of adults of all ages, and our communications and actions reflect this, at all levels from one-on-one to whole community engagement.

  • We deeply and carefully consider and honor the needs, preferences and strengths of people of all ages in our decision making and community building.


Aligned Action

Descriptive: Discernment, Awareness, Impeccability, Integrity, Authenticity, Honesty, Respect, Consideration


  • Empowered action that is fully aligned with the heart. As we align with divine will, we uphold to the integrity of our thoughts, words and deeds. The desire to fulfill our soul’s purpose is the foundation for love’s actions, which grounds, anchors, and makes real its presence through life.

  • Accountability and self-responsibility. The embodiment of honoring the sacred bond we have with others as we align with our integrity and respect our selves and others in service to humanity. We take full responsibility for self in all matters of life and learning.

  • Alignment with the divine will is the foundation for love’s actions. Honoring the heart by allowing divine will to guide us with compassion, we confront and cut through the shadow side of the ego in order to serve the best interests of the soul. We are committed to following the inner wisdom of the heart no matter how we might be perceived by others.

  • Our willingness to be guided by the higher wisdom of the soul is what guides us, and propels us to achieve our goals. The visions of our heart made manifest in the world.



Descriptive: Service, Divine Flow, Joy, Bliss, Being in the Flow, Wonderment, Adventure, Exploration, Creation, Sense of Humor, Gratitude, Passion, Inner Peace, Light-heartedness, Balance, Harmony


  • The full immersion into the creative universal flow and the embodiment of one’s own path and purpose.

  • The act of receiving divine guidance rather than pushing one’s personal will onto others. Experienced as a deep sense of inner peace accompanied by a wellspring of spontaneous joyousness, wonderment and gratitude. As we recognize the divine flow in our lives, we feel grateful, and naturally hold to a desire to share this feeling with others. Intention to hold others and ourselves in compassion and gratitude is what amplifies this source energy out into the world.

  • An energetic flow of high frequencies of light that stream through the body causing a heightened sensitivity to the inner dimensional planes.

  • Being in the flow of grace: Allowing the heart to lead the way opens us to experience optimism and to discover our soul’s path and purpose, which connects us to our passion for creating in the world.

  • The Entrainment to higher frequencies, which neutralizes the polarities found within our energy systems. The imbalances are caused by the perpetuation or release of karmic learning patterns and our engagement with others, as well as magnetic earth grid shifts. Entrainment to the higher frequencies allow for a stable, continuous, ever unfolding, balanced and harmonized flow of pure source energy, which rejuvenates the body and maintains a strong connection soul-level awareness.

  • A natural and spontaneous desire of the soul to be of service to humanity. We joyously embody this fierce, deep passion for evolution True service is giving. We serve whole-heartedly.



Descriptive: Vulnerability, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Embracing, Courage


  • When we are in the purity of our heart and have compassion, we are naturally humble. In our humility we serve as we are guided. Humility is our ability to be human, and is at the core of an alchemical process.

  • A journey into a world of soft, well-considered openness where we awaken to our soul’s purpose. A conscious decision to surrender with total acceptance of self and others. Trust comes when we consciously surrender our fears in total humility. We embrace with compassion all the twists and turns in our story. We honor all that has happened in our life as perfect.



Our Covenant: Code of Conduct
(created by the founding members January 2010)


Given the core values, we agree to respect and support each other and honor The Center and its mission and vision by:

  1. Speaking the truth with love and being willing to fully hear others’ truths.

  2. Understanding that whatever we speak to one, we speak to all.  We have integrity with our words and our intentions.

  3. Addressing concerns directly with the person involved whenever possible.  There is an understanding that sometimes a limited amount of “processing” with another person can be helpful prior to addressing a concern with someone, and if this seems to be needed, it will be engaged in with a spirit of honoring of and care for the other.

  4. Fostering a sense of trust within the group.  This includes the underlying assumption that each person is doing the very best that he/she can in each circumstance and that each person has the best of intentions.

  5. Fully sharing responsibility for what is in each moment, in our being as well as our doing.

  6. Practicing discernment and being sensitive to the collective, both in the context of the core 13 as well as in the world.

  7. Being committed to our own joy, and creating an atmosphere of fun and playfulness with frequent expressions of appreciation and gratitude whenever possible.  We hold the intention that our connection and involvement with each other feels good.

  8. Agreeing to respect each others’ choices with regard to stepping in and out of the group, and our intention is that these transitions occur with mutual ease and grace.

  9. Trusting each person’s energetic alignment with the particular frequency of The Center, which extends to a knowing that each person’s voice is heard and represented, whether or not he or she is physically present when and where decisions are made.  In other words, decision-making is accomplished by the agreement of those physically present and in alignment with the energy.  A process will be created for later checking in with those not physically present for additional input.

  10. Agreeing that we are each and all open to evolve, grounded in unanimity and creating “All As One.”